I'm Ayesha, (aka The Gold Ink Press) a passionate artist and illustrator on a mission to add a spark of gold to the world.

Art for me was always a hobby- something I did constantly from childhood but never seriously. I didn't even consider myself an "artist" and I turned away from anyone who had the audacity to call me one. It seemed like such a bizarre concept, to throw away all facts and reason and dive into a world of pure perception and imagination. 

And yet somewhere along the lines, I found myself swimming in that ocean of creativity and decided to embrace who I was quickly becoming.

Today I proudly call myself an artist, and even though I am studying public policy, aspire to go to law school, and own another business, Art Tarte Co, on the side, at heart I am and will always be nothing more than someone who expresses herself with a paintbrush.

I have a profound love for gardening, baking and architecture which are thoroughly expressed in the type of artwork and illustrations I work on. I am a stationery addict and enjoy creating my own that I sell in my shop. In addition, I love Arabic calligraphy and am a teacher and a student all the same.

My Style


I’m not sure exactly when, but I fell in love with old, rustic architecture and to date it is still my favorite thing to paint.


While I occasionally paint animals, landscapes, and seascapes, plants and flowers are my go to objects of interest.

Record Keeping/ little doodles

I keep more journals and notes them most people would be able to read! I have a book dedicated to everything- leaves, flowers, a garden journal, poetry, recipes and the list goes on. I think its important to keep records and thoughts enclosed in a place where we (or someone else) can find them again. I always draw little illustrations to go along with everything I write because honestly, I’m all about aesthetic!

Arabic Calligraphy

I do like English calligraphy, but there is something about Arabic calligraphy that speaks so much more to me.