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Because Elegance lies in Simplicity

Beauty forged in simple words complied with sincere thoughts is the best gift anyone can give~

In this time and age when everything moves so quickly we have forgot what it means to be human- how to forge relationships and show others we care without social media or money. Giving a card adds joy to celebration; prayers and grief to hard times. We are only human and therefore must strive to communicate with care in this world where everyone and everything is quickly moving apart. Give a card and see what the world gives you in return.

Find the perfect gift for anyone (or mainly yourself) or get something custom made. 

Everything from cards to bookmarks, notepads, and more.



Everyone needs an excuse to read a book; I think a beautiful bookmark is a good start.


A beautiful design on each page. Every single last page.

Custom Stationary

Get something unique made just for you.

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Everything from Eid and Islamic cards to cards that are perfect for any occasion.

All cards are original THEGOLDINKPRESS designs.

Cards are high quality prints of the original, but definitely don't look like it.

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Many cities available as well as the option for a custom design.

Islamic Wall Art

Whats better than having some Arabic calligraphy on the wall?


Check out all the other designs to brighten up your home.

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